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Florida Student Fights Back After Her Improved SAT Scores Were Ruled Invalid

Is there a such thing as too much improvement?

College entrance exams are a major part of a student’s senior year of high school. Before senior prom and graduation day, taking the SAT or ACT needs to be checked off of the to-do list. 

For one Florida high school senior, the task is proving to be more challenging than she thought. 

Kamilah Campbell, a senior at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, is fighting to have her SAT scores released after the testing service deemed them invalid. After receiving a 900 on her first test attempt, Campbell decided to make an effort to improve her score. The senior says that she spent months studying, working with tutors, and even taking an online SAT prep course before retaking the test. The second time she scored a 1230.

According to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Campbell’s 300-plus point increase is suspicious. Campbell received a letter stating that her scores were invalid because “some of her answer patterns were too similar to others who took the test.” The student insists that her improvement was solely due to focus and dedication to do so. 

Campbell just missed the application deadline for her dream school, Florida State University, due to her scores being withheld. Now the high school senior fears her chances of attending college at all are in jeopardy. 

Despite being setback from her goals, Campbell remains firm in fighting for her scores. 

“I am proud of myself and I need my scores released,” she said.

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