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Florida Teacher Removed After Reports of Hosting White Supremacist Podcast

According to Volitich, white supremacists have a place in middle school classrooms.

A Florida middle school teacher is being investigated after reports that the teacher had been secretly hosting a white nationalist podcast.

HuffPost first reported Saturday that Dayanna Volitich, a 25-year-old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida, had been hosting a podcast titled “Unapologetic” under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov.”

According to the description of Unapologetic’s pilot episode on TuneIn, an online audio streaming service, Volitich covers “taboo topics that will take you on a ride you’ll never be able to forget.” The first official episode of Unapologetic on TuneIn calls Islam an “ideology hell-bent on destroying Western culture.”

During a podcast from February 26, Volitich agreed with a guest who believed the notion that “a kid from Nigeria and a kid who came from Sweden are supposed to learn exactly the same” and have the “same IQ.” Dalichov goes on to say that “science” has shown that some races are smarter than others.

In the same episode, Volitich proudly discussed bringing her white nationalist beliefs into the classroom. According to Volitich, she “had a couple of instances where parents were concerned” that Volitich was “injecting political bias” in her teaching. When questioned by the principal, Volitich lied saying that the accusations were untrue.

“She believed me and backed off,” Volitich said.

When one of Volitich’s guests suggested that white supremacists should become teachers in public schools, Volitich sincerely agreed.

“They don’t have to be vocal about their views, but get in there,” the guest said on the show. “Be more covert and just start taking over those places.”

“Right,” Volitich said. “I’m absolutely one of them.”

On Sunday, the superintendent of the Citrus County School District released a statement on Facebook indicated that Volitich has been removed from the classroom as the investigation continues.

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