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Foals Have Big Plans for 2019

Two albums, a long tour and a return to the spotlight.

Stephanie Hernandez College Media Network



Along with the release of the Foals new single “Exits” earlier this month came the announcement of two new albums for 2019.

Releasing the first single from the upcoming Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 (set to drop March 8th) was good news for fans awaiting new music since the Foals last release, 2015’s What Went Down.

The news didn’t end there, however, as the band shared plans for a 2019 shows, starting March 16th at Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City, Mexico.

A tour will kick off on March 18th in Vancouver, Canada, with 22 headlining dates in North America to follow, with key shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. The Foals will tour the West Coast and Midwest before winding up at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, GA.

The tour is set to continue through Europe, with shows across the continent, including on the Foals’ home turf in England, before wrapping up with some festival dates in early August in Austria. 

The band is set to release Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 after the touring cycle concludes. 

For now there is the release of “Exits” and an accompanying full length music video.

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