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Free Artificial Intelligence “Librarian” Tool Great for Student Research

For students doing research for college from home, a great new artificial intelligence enhanced research tool,, has now launched according to a recent press release. The tool will help university students and professionals find the right books and articles fast. And even better, it’s completely free to use and there are no ads.

Designed for the current “work from home” reality amidst the coronavirus, is a highly useful tool for those without easy access to a library. It is also great as a supplementary research tool for those with good digital library services. MyResearchTool uses artificial intelligence to do something that a Google search cannot do: based on text and question input, it suggests the most relevant material for researchers to read or review.

Users get the benefits of a personal reference librarian, but with 24/7 access. Initiating a query is simple as the user can input anything from a few keywords to an entire paper; the system can accept unstructured queries of up to 10,000 words! In fact, the more you input, the more targeted and relevant the results. will then identify relevant books and articles to use in the next stage of research. These materials can be accessed through the school library or online with suggested book results shown from Google Books and suggested articles from Google Scholar. Save the time and effort of searching through screens full of useless links that occur with a simple Google search by using is offered by the American Society for Cybernetics in conjunction with Contegra Systems and Michael Lissack. And it’s a service that students, especially those working from home for the foreseeable future, should definitely take advantage of.

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