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Friday Morning Scoop-: W-I-N-N-E-R

Plus, we’re still wondering why Trump fired Comey.



Welcome to the Morning Scoop for June 1, 2018. Can you spell a-m-a-z-i-n-g? Well that’s what we think of this year’s winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We’ll never be that good.

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‘Koinonia’: The Word That Won the National Spelling Bee

                                                                                            The best moment of his life…so far. (Image: YouTube)

In arguably the most intense National Spelling Bee last night, Karthik Nemmani, 14, won first place with the word “koinonia.” The Texas teen beat 515 other contestants from across the U.S. at his very first spelling bee, according to The Washington Post.

Nemmani and his competitors only had two minutes to spell challenging words like “grognard,” “ankolyglossia,” and “miarolitic.” Nemmani’s runner-up competitor, Naysa Modi, was eliminated for her misspelling of “Bewusstseinslage” (a state of consciousness which cannot be associated with any particular sensation). Nammani remained calm as he spelled “haecceitas” (the status of being an individual) to complete the penultimate round. Finally, he clinched his victory with “koinonia” (a spiritual communion).

For his victory, Nemmani was awarded $40,000 and a trophy from the Scripps National Bee, as well as a $2,500 cash prize, a reference library from Merriam-Webster, and trips to New York and Los Angeles to be on talk shows. Upon winning Nemani stated: “I am just really happy…this is a dream come true.”

Does the McCabe Memo Reveal the Truth Behind Comey’s Firing?

On Wednesday night, The New York Times first reported that the former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew G. McCabe, authored a confidential memo from last spring which claimed that President Trump had asked the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, to refer to the Russia investigation as a reason for the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Comey initially took charge of the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. The abrupt dismissal of Comey is still at the forefront of the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether President Trump tried to hide campaign ties to Russia.

McCabe has shared his memo — the conversation with Rosenstein — with Mueller, who has been overseeing the investigation since last year, following Attorney General Jeff Session’s recusal.

To read the full scoop, check out Ginny Dang’s analysis here.

Denmark Bans Niqabs and Burkas in Public

Denmark, known for its progressive economic policies and societal attitudes in the developed world, has recently passed a nationwide ban on niqabs, burkas, and other full-face veils that are worn in public this Thursday.

This particular ban, which will likely affect female Muslim citizens or foreign nationals residing in Denmark, was ratified by 75 votes and with 30 votes against it in the Folketing or the country’s parliament in Copenhagen. Those who violate the ban will be forced to pay up 1,000 kroner or $122. Fines will be ten times higher for repeat offenders.

Read Duane Murphy’s full report here.

Today in a Tweet: Wear Orange

Activists are urging people to #WearOrange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Last But Not Least: It’s National Pride Month!

June 1 marks the first day of National Pride Month, celebrating all sexual orientations and genders under the LGBTQIA rainbow. The month of June is significant because it commemorates the Stonewall Riots, the first major gay rights movement in America. The Riots took place in Greenwich Village, New York City in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, a popular spot for gay men and drag queens. June is also significant for the creation of the rainbow flag, which has been a symbol of the pride movement since 1978.

Find your local pride parade and celebrate!

This pre-weekend and post-week Morning Scoop was compiled by Ginny DangDuane Murphy, and the CMN Staff. Pro tip: Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free donuts today for National Donut Day. This is also a test to see if you actually read this bottom section. 

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