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Friday Scoop: Cohen Returns

🍻Plus, happy National Beer Day (in Iceland).

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Cohen Returns
Cohen just completed three days of testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Michael Cohen to Return to Congress Next Week

Yesterday, Michael Cohen finished his third day of testifying in front of Congress, this time behind closed doors. Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, has been asked to return to Congress again next week on Wed. March 6. The House Intelligence Committee is also calling Trump’s one time business associate on the Trump Tower Moscow project, Felix Sater, to a public hearing on March 14.

In higher education…

University of California System Cancels Subscription with Elsevier

The UC system canceled its relationship with one of the biggest academic publishers, Elsevier, saving the college system millions in subscription fees after months spent attempting to renegotiate its contract. Although open access advocates see this decision as a win, faculty whose research depends on access to articles behind the paywall are not as thrilled.

In global news…

U.K. Citizens Stockpile in Preparation for No Deal Brexit

It is now less than a month until the U.K. is scheduled to leave the E.U. on March 29. However, the terms of Britain’s exit are still unknown. Lawmakers will be voting again in mid-March on whether they should leave with or without a deal or simply postpone Brexit altogether. Many British citizens have been prepping for the worst case scenario throughout the past year, stockpiling dry and canned goods as well as medical supplies, anticipating trade issues after the country leaves the E.U.

In technology…

YouTube Turns Off Commenting on Videos with Children

YouTube announced it will suspend commenting on videos with children after reports that pedophiles were leaving inappropriate comments. Although the process has already started, it will take the platform months to go through every video. Many advertisers ended their business with YouTube over reports of pedophilia, but others have seen the platform’s solution as an overreaction. This isn’t the first moderation problem YouTube has had, as the platform has been trying to control the spread of hate speech and violence in the comments section for many years. 

Trending today…

The Jonas Bros.

The Jonas Brothers reunited to release a new song, featuring all of their better halves.

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Cohen Returns

Last but not least…

10 Questions: VHS Collection

Learn all about the NYC-based trio that is VHS Collection! The New York City-based band known as VHS Collection can be best described as a smooth blend of alternative rock and electronic pop (or as my go-to music choice when I’m driving through town on a sunny day).

The band consists of Conor Cook, James Bohannon, and Nils Vanderlip, who all have played music with each other for most of their lives. On top of kicking off a tour in 2019, the band also released a new single, “Dreaming,” in February. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Cook, who told me all about their origins, musical influences, and their 2019 Retrofuturism Tour in this edition of CMN’s 10 Questions. Read more in Cece Starkman’s interview for CMN.

Today’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Cece Starkman and the CMN Staff. Each year Iceland celebrates the end of the country’s 74-year beer ban with National Beer Day. Cheers to 30 years! P.S. Was this newsletter forwarded by a friend? Subscribe here to get the Morning Scoop straight to your inbox every day.

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Cohen Returns

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