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Friday Scoop: Death in the Newsroom

Plus, we made a playlist for you

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for June 29, 2018. Keep reading for news on a mass shooting at a Maryland newspaper, Amazon, and Ed Sheeran. 

Yesterday, our team of student journalists wrote about Google’s IT program, the lifespan of religious people and introduced you to a political junkie.  

Five Dead After Maryland Newsroom Shooting

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Death in the Newsroom

The Capital Gazette left its opinion page blank Friday to honor its slain employees. (Image: Capital Gazette)

A man who had a long-running feud with a Maryland newspaper shot his way into its newsroom yesterday afternoon, killing five employees and wounding two others. He surrendered at the scene.

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The suspect, identified as Jarrod Warren Ramos, carried out what police called a “targeted attack” at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, bursting into the newsroom with a shotgun and smoke grenades. Ramos has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

CNN reported that “court documents showed that Ramos had filed a defamation claim against the paper in 2012. The dispute was over an article in the Capital Gazette that detailed his guilty plea in a 2011 harassment case.”

Miraculously, the staff was able to put out an edition of the paper on time this morning.

Amazon Will Probably be Your new Pharmacy

Amazon paid nearly a billion dollars to purchase online pharmacy Pillpack, the company announced yesterday, a move that sent stocks for traditional drug stores companies CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid plunging.

Boston-based PillPack sorts multiple medications into packets and ships them right to customers in ready-to-take doses. They also work directly with doctors to remove the hassle (and fees) of refill requests.

CNBC reported that shares of Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid collectively lost $12.8 billion after the news was made public.

Ed Sheeran Faces $100 Million Lawsuit

Two years after Ed Sheeran was hit with a lawsuit from the family of Ed Townsend, a co-writer of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”, he is currently facing another lawsuit for the same reason.

The lawsuit, filed last week in 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, states that Sheeran copied Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in his 2014 hit, “Thinking Out Loud”, without authorization or credit.

CMN’s Ife Abel has more details in her report. 

Today in a Tweet

Drake dropped his new, 25-track album Scorpion at midnight and fans stayed up all night digging into it (and apparently confirming he has a son.)

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Death in the Newsroom


Friday Playlist: Let’s Led Zeppagain

We make a playlist each Friday — called CMN Vibes — to help get your weekend started in style. CMN’s Nicole Kitchens has a serious passion for Led Zeppelin, so she put together this playlist of lesser-known Zep favorites.

As she writes, “In high school I used to run a semi-famous Robert Plant-themed Tumblr (I had over a thousand followers, which is my go-to claim to fame at parties.) When I was five, I proudly told my kindergarten teacher that “Black Dog” was my new favorite tune.”

Now you get to benefit from Nicole’s obsession. Click below to bring the rock.

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Death in the Newsroom

Wednesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Duane Paul MurphyTamia HeardWilliam HartnettIfe Abel, and Nicole Kitchens. What are you going to do with this summer weekend? 

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Death in the Newsroom

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