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Friday Scoop: Student Loans

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College Media Network Friday Scoop: Student Loans
After losing a battle in court, the Department of Education will be canceling the loans of some 15,000 college students. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

U.S. Department of Education to Cancel $150 Million in Student Loans

The U.S. Department of Education will be canceling $150 million in student loans of students affected by college closure or cheated by their school. The Trump administration is being forced into carrying out this Obama-era policy after losing a court battle to cancel the “borrower defense” program. The $150 million will go to help 15,000 students whose colleges closed between Nov. 2013 and Dec. 2018, many of whom attend the for-profit chain called Corinthian Colleges.

In politics…

What’s Going on in Congress?

There’s a lot happening in Congress right now. Here’s the highlights to get you up to speed:

In national news…

Bomb Threats Sent in Nationwide Hoax

Yesterday, hundreds of fake bomb threats were emailed to businesses, schools, and government buildings across the country. The sender was requesting online payments in bitcoin to prevent the bombs from going off. Many school systems across the country were evacuated or shut down early as police forces determined whether the threats were credible. The consensus is that the threats were a hoax, but it is unclear who or where the emails came from.

In France…

Strasberg Gunman Killed in Shootout

The gunman who opened fire on a crowd at a Christmas market in Strasberg, France, killing 3 and injuring 12, has been killed in a shootout with French special forces.

In espionage…

Russian Agent Maria Butina Pleads Guilty

Russian spy Maria Butina has pled guilty to conspiring to act as a Russian agent to influence conservatives, in an organized effort back by the Russian government. Butina, 30, quickly became a friend to the NRA, the Republican Party, and various D.C. bigwigs during her time in the U.S. As part of her plea deal, Butina must now cooperate with federal investigators until she is released and deported back to Russia.

In business…

Starbucks to Begin Delivery Service at 2,000 Stores

In an effort to stay relevant, Starbucks is now focusing their business on drive-thrus, mobile orders, and delivery service. The company will be partnering with Uber Eats to deliver beverages and food items from 2,000 stores beginning in 2019.

Trending today…

Little Women Sneak Peak

Emma Watson gave fans a glimpse of her latest project, an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. (Click here to check out more trends of the week.) 

Last but not least…

NFL Panic Meter: Week 14

Big matchups — and injuries — could shake up the panic meter this week. Check it out in Tom Spurling’s report for CMN.

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College Media Network Friday Scoop: Student Loans

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