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Georgia Senate Approves Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill

How is this something that still happens?



Last week, Georgia lawmakers approved a bill by a 35-19 vote stating that adoption agencies do not have to work with LGBTQ+ couples, unwed couples, single parents, and anyone whose lifestyle they “do not agree with,” according to the Associated Press.

Sen. William Ligon, a Republican representing Georgia, suggested the bill in an attempt to keep faith-based organizations afloat in civic cases, meaning companies with religious affiliations should not have to go against their beliefs in the workplace if asked to.

However, as the first amendment of the United States Constitution says:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Yes, we are all entitled to our own religious choices – whether that means Christian, Muslim, Atheist – whatever it is, we, as Americans, are entitled to our own choices. By law.

And yet, we are constantly faced with this battle in court: heteronormative vs. LGBTQ+.

If everyone is allowed their own practice regarding religion, this debate should simply not exist. A common argument is that being gay is against the Bible. Not everyone believes in the Bible, so, according to American law, not everyone should have to follow this belief. Take the Bible out of the picture, and what can you argue? Nothing more than personal hate and bigotry.

Shall this law be officially passed, Georgia will be taking just another step backwards in becoming a part of the modern-day world.

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Nina is a Chicago-based woman and writer.

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