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Groundbreaking NYC Music Book ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ now Available in Paperback

An oral history of the NYC rock and roll revival, featuring The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem and more.

Whether you were in the city of New York yourself or if you simply owned a radio, 2001-2011 was a decade to remember for rock and roll. Music journalist Lizzy Goodman goes beyond the show, past back stage and all the way to the after party in an oral history of the 2000’s NYC music scene, Meet Me In The Bathroom, now available in paperback.

NYC served as a place for pop-culture and rock music to be reborn. It was a time when the raging grunge sound of the ’90s was quickly fading into a distant memory. In the early years of the decade, a new sound was being crafted by groups like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Moldy Peaches.

These groups found a new side to rock and roll and brought a quirky, awkward and freeing sound into focus.

As the decade wore on, a new wave of bands, such as Kings Of Leon and Franz Ferdinand, invigorated rock and roll, using the gothy city clubs as a doorway to the mainstream.

Meet Me In the Bathroom explains the how technology was the saving grace to the music industry. Major music magazines now had to compete with closet bloggers. So many new voices helped to reshape the idea of what made the city cool and give it a new identity.

Grizzly Bear, MGMT and Vampire Weekend created a new foothold at the top. Goodman gives the history captured in over 200 hundred original interviews.

Praise for Meet Me In The Bathroom:

“Meet Me in the Bathroom is the juiciest book on rock’n’roll in years…a thrilling, hilarious, gossip-fueled account” — Pitchfork

“A vivid, kaleidoscopic, extremely fun ode to a moment in time that only just became the past.” — The Cut

Learn more about the paperback release of Meet Me in the Bathroom here.

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