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I Disagree: India Arie – Worthy

Did we listen to the same India Arie album?

Jennifer Dixon



Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s ongoing Music Journalism Program, our music team was asked to pick out a recent album review that they disagreed with. Their task was to explain why they didn’t share the viewpoint of the reviewer. 

After six years, India Arie released her sixth studio album, Worthy. As always, Arie advises others to love themselves unconditionally and embrace their imperfections. Arie continues to create music that is unapologetic, authentic, powerful, and sincere. Soul in Stereo writes in an album review about Arie’s latest project and I somewhat disagree with their perspective.

Here is a glimpse inside their thoughts.

First, they claim that Arie has spent most of her career showing people how to love. As you listen to her music, it is evident that the aspect of love is important, but I feel that her artistry goes deeper than that. Arie empowers, and uplifts many by addressing self-acceptance, hope, and shines a positive light on others. She also continues to express herself freely and live boldly by staying true to her values and speaking from her heart. She displays confidence, which is why people respect and gravitate toward her as an artist.

Second, they feel that Arie has been criticized for her music being too mellow, but I see her songs as a celebration of freedom, spirituality, and empowerment. She desires for people to feel comfortable in their own skin, while living their truth, and standing up for what they believe in. On her latest project, Arie sings about how important it is to know your worth. If you examine previous works, she talks inner beauty, hope, love, etc. Every song that she has ever written not only makes people reevaluate their lives, but there is always a positive message that follows.

Finally, “That Magic,” “What If,” “Crazy”are not the only best tracks on this project. I personally love all the songs because of how Arie’s smooth, sultry vocals capture the essence of each powerful message. The sweet vocal riffs, strumming of the guitar, and beautiful lyrics help people see how they are as individuals.

If I had to choose a few songs from the track list, I would pick “Steady Love” and “Follow The Sun.” These tracks not only reassure me that I deserve to be valued as a queen, but I also feel empowered to accomplish my dreams. I must keep my head up, be confident, and understand that I am worthy of love, respect, and happiness.

Arie will always remain a true force in the music industry because of what she represents as a woman, which is be strong, be courageous, and most importantly be yourself. She ultimately wants people to know that they are good enough and should never feel compelled to change who they are for anyone. 

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Jennifer is a graduate student studying English at Governors State University. She loves music and writing, which fueled her interest for a career in music journalism. She is currently working towards finishing her degree. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, shopping, and advocating for those with Cerebral Palsy.

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