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I Disagree: Masego ‘Lady Lady’

His success stems from him stepping out of the boundaries music has created.

Masego’s debut album, Lady Lady, is a jazz project in its own right.

The Virginia native deviated from his original style and brought artists  including Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat and Outkast’s dual Album Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, which brought something unusual and dynamic to his beloved fans. Since his first mixtape Pink Polo, his alter ego Uncle Sego, brought an entirely new genre “Traphouse Jazz” that generations both old and new generations have grown to appreciate. However, some critics say that he hasn’t reached his full potential due to his lack in lyricism.

An esteemed senior writer of the musical review platform, DJ Booth, recently produced a review of Masego’s new album “Lady, Lady” which touched upon his musical uniqueness, alongside his tribute to jazz and the positive impact of his debut album. “Lady Lady is a five-course meal that feeds a variety of records on an accessible silver platter.”

A direct quote from his work that emphasizes his approval of his album, however, he described that the album didn’t live up to its full potential lyrically.

“Though he has a voice that perfectly blends with his beds of soul and jazz music, there’s room for Masego’s pen to grow.”

Phillips described that most listeners would be intrigued to his music based on the sound and that it’s only the initial reaction to the listener. But the way Masego could lose his audience would to not work on his vocal performance.

Given that Masego built an entirely new musical concept, that blends old-school jazz with trap music he has broken down barriers. He has also created a brand that is not mainstream as well not made for every musical fanatic. Masego built a platform that entices the listener to the beat behind the music. His blend of dynamic beats, with jazz instruments, created the artistry he has today.

To say that the listeners could lose interest would be a misstep because a true fan would understand that not only does he not cater to “norm” of music standards, but his success stems from him stepping out of the boundaries music has created. Lady Lady follows the same concepts of his previous mixtapes and Ep’s his sound is in the music.

“For instance, on the hard-hitting “Shawty Fishin’ (Blame The Net),” while he hits the right notes while singing the hook, the rapping is a much harder sell. Of course, it’s easy to be swept into how a song sounds and not what’s being said.” Even though Phillips does have a valid point when it comes to his lyricism he also points out the regular standards of what it means to listen in today’s generation. Musical instruments aren’t the center of what it is to be an artist, its based on the lyrics they produce. However isn’t there something to be said that a musician can have an entire album centered on musical instruments and be successful then an entire album that is based off lyrics and says absolutely nothing.

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