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In Wake of COVID-19, College Sports Face Elimination

The coronavirus pandemic has already had devastating far-reaching effects and it continues to economically ravage communities. Now, some college sports are facing permanent elimination while athletic departments grapple with budget cuts thanks to COVID-19, according to a recent press release.

Athletes and alumni are scrambling to save their programs and are turning to GoFundMe to generate support for university and college sports so that they might survive the coronavirus crisis.

College sports teams ranging from the University of Alabama hockey to Winthrop University tennis to Furman University baseball to South Carolina State soccer are in danger of being cut, with some fighting back to be reinstated. The loss of college sports will leave many students struggling or completely unable to afford college, as athletic scholarships provide crucial financial assistance that allows them to attend school. The programs also provide jobs to coaches, students and university faculty.

In response, many programs are rallying their communities and raising funds on GoFundMe to help their programs weather the economic turmoil.

In May, the University of Alabama in Huntsville Hockey nearly lost its program due to the school’s athletic budget cuts. They were given a chance to save their program and had only a few days to find the $1 million needed. Their GoFundMe campaign raised over $500,000 in donations in just four days, and paired with private donations, the team is now preparing for their next season.

Many other programs are hoping for this same outcome. College sports have a way of uniting communities but their future is now hanging in the balance.

For more information about programs looking for support, and how alumni and communities can help college sports programs stay afloat, please visit:

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