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Insomnia Invites College Students to Own the Night at Annual PJ Party

Insomnia Cookies, the beloved cult brand known for serving warm cookies, ice cream, and more sweets all day and late into the night, is welcoming students across the country back to college by throwing the largest combined PJ Party this nation has ever seen, according to a recent press release. On Tuesday, September 20, Insomniacs living near each of Insomnia’s 225+ bakeries nationwide are invited to head over to their local store dressed in their best PJs for the annual party, which will begin at 9 p.m. local time and go late into the night.

Every Insomniac who shows up to the party wearing their PJs will receive 1 free classic cookie, no purchase necessary. In addition to serving community members some seriously tasty treats, the epic event will be baked full of Insomnia’s most delicious deals of the year, with each store offering giveaways, exclusive merch, and other sweet surprises.

Sweetening up the occasion even further, Insomnia will be dropping an exclusive Deluxe Filled Ft. Sour Patch Kids® cookie and Big Dipper Ft. Sour Patch Kids® Bitz the night of the party, which will be available for a very limited time only. The former is a warm sugar cookie filled with a gooey raspberry SOUR PATCH KIDS® center, topped with SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz and the latter features four classic sugar cookies with a sweet side of buttercream icing, topped with SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz. It’s a candy-cookie dreamland.

Founded on a university campus, Insomnia is known for serving its signature treats late into the night—with most stores open for pick-up and delivery until 1 a.m. or later—making it the ultimate college hot-spot. Whether students are studying late, retiring from a night out, or simply craving something sweet, Insomnia is always there for them with a warm, delicious cookie waiting. Find your closest Insomnia Cookies location here:

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