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Isaiah Thomas Signs With Denver On Veterans Minimum

Thomas is moving onto the Nuggets, but was it worth it?

Former Laker Isaiah Thomas has signed with the Denver Nuggets to a 1 year 2 million dollar deal, placing Thomas in a similar position he has been in before, yet one he never envisioned himself in again. The talented point guard has now joined his 4th team in just the last year of basketball and in such a short amount of time managed to experience the rise and fall of his career.

Just one year ago Thomas wore the number 4 jersey for the storied Boston Celtics, on a team inching closer and closer to the heals of LeBron James in the Eastern Conference. But when The Celtics finally made the blockbuster trade everyone expects them too, Thomas found himself in Cleveland with a new team and skepticism all around. Thomas was recovering from a hip injury sustained late in the playoffs and would not even be able to suit up for his new fans until the mid-season mark.

With poor first impressions and the Cavaliers initial negotiations that Thomas and draft picks were not good enough for the trade, the poor paring separated when the Cavaliers sent Thomas over to the Lakers in the west. After a lackluster finish on a poor team, Thomas found himself a free agent once again, leading to his signing with Denver today.

Signing with the Nuggets does Thomas little benefits. He has the ability to be the best player at his position on his new team now and still can get back to the point guard he was with Boston just one year ago. However, the Nuggets have almost no possible chance of making any strides for a playoff run now that Lakers has joined the Warriors and Rockets among the best teams.

Thomas also had a chance at signing a max contract of over 150 million dollars before the Celtics traded him away, derailing his steady flow of points as the focal point of their offense. Thomas had his fifteen minutes of fame in Boston, but they moved on and so have the other top teams in the league. It looks as if his best chance is to hop around to a few lesser teams and collect a few paychecks before a comfortable retirement.


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