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Jeffree Star’s New Makeup Line was Stolen and Leaked, FBI Searches For 2.5 Million in Product

A YouTube and beauty icon’s makeup company took a big hit when over 2.5 million dollars worth of makeup was stolen from a warehouse.

YouTube and beauty sensation Jeffree Star is working with the FBI to bring back 2.5 million dollars worth of makeup that was stolen from his company’s facility weeks ago.

An entire shade from Star’s new concealer line, Magic Star™, was stolen from a stock and shipping facility warehouse when burglars entered through the facility’s roof on March 15. The stolen products were leaked online in a private Facebook group days ago.

Star’s newest line wasn’t supposed to be announced this early. In fact, the company hadn’t yet revealed to the public that the line was coming to fruition.

Star is known for being open about his business, showing his 13 million subscribers virtual tours of the makeup company’s warehouses on YouTube. He said in his latest video that the invaded building was not as secure as the others, leaving Star to think this was an inside job of an ex-employee.

“These people were professional,” Star said in the video. “I fully believe that it was an inside job. I believe it was someone who temporarily worked [at the facility].”

This past weekend, a post showed up in a private Facebook group from an individual who said to have received the products from a supplier who stocks Star’s makeup facility. Star’s supporters reacted immediately.

Although Star was quiet on social media at first, he posted the full story of the situation in his own video earlier today, claiming an arrest has already been made.

Star said the FBI is working incessantly to find the intruders and anyone in connection to the crime.

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