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Kansas Representative Slammed for Racist Remark

Watch what happens when a state rep. uses some old-school racism.

State Rep. Steve Alford (R), while arguing against marijuana legalization in Kansas, stated that blacks are predisposed to using drugs because of their “character makeup — their genetics and that.”

Check out the full statement in this Garden City Telegram video:

The 75-year-old representative has since been slammed by fellow politicians for his racist argument. The local NAACP president called Alford “an idiot,” adding that he “shows how oblivious Kansans are to selecting representatives–to put someone like that in there to represent them,” according to CBS. Additionally, Alford’s fellow representatives called for him to issue a public apology to the constituents of color in his district.

According to Newsweek,  Alford was initially defensive over his remark, reporting: “Basically, I got called a racist, which I’m really not, and it’s just…the interpretation of people. To me, I’m trying to look at what’s really the best for Kansas.” Fortunately, Alford later issued an apology, as quoted by The Topeka-Capital Journal on Monday afternoon. “I was wrong, I regret my comments and I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I have hurt.”

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