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Khabib Chokes out McGregor: Incites Brawl After Win

Friday night UFC madness!

Fight night at the UFC Las Vegas T-Moblie arena turned ugly after the main event concluded with now 27-0 lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov choking out Conor McGregor in the 4th round. After his victory, Khabib made it clear he wasn’t finished fighting, when he climbed the side of the octagon and leapt into the crowd to go another round with McGregor’s Jiu-Jitsu coach Dillon Danis.

The beef between the two fighters brewed for years before the fight, including a pre-fight press conference to which McGregor showed up fashionably late. In April, McGregor jumped Khabib on a bus in New York.

In the fourth round, Khabib took advantage of McGregor’s fatigue using a trip technique to take him on the ground. Once the two were engaged in a wrestle, Khabib had the advantage and was able to maneuver McGregor into a choke hold, securing him the victory.

What happened next however, was not planned by the UFC.

Khabib immediately began taunting McGregor’s team after the fight stopped, going so far as to throw his mouthpiece into the crowd. Words were exchanged and Khabib climbed the wall of the ring leaping three rows into the crowd, landing in McGregors camp, where he started throwing punches.

McGregor is still in the ring as the fight ensued. Then, two members of Khabibs party rushed the octagon to attack McGregor. Security and police intervened and separated both parties. No championship belt ceremony was performed as both fighters were rushed to their locker rooms.

UFC president Dana White described the post fight brawl to ESPN as, “A very bad night for the UFC.” He went on to say that Khabib leaving the ring to start a fight was ridiculous and he will likely receive a suspension from the UFC.

The fight unsurprisingly incited fighting between fans, with Russian and Irish spectators fighting in their seats, the concessions area, and the parking lot.

Three members of Khabibs team where taken into custody after the fight, however, White spoke to McGregor once the situation settled down and the Irish fighter said he didn’t intend to press charges.

He does, however, expect a rematch.

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