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LeBron to Lakers: Quick Hit Reactions

Thoughts on LeBron going to the Lakers? Well…

With LeBron James decision to join LA next season on a 4 year 153 million dollar contract in the books, the rest of the NBA will scramble to put the free agent pieces together while the new King of the west hand selects his own 15 man roster. The Lakers choice comes by no surprise, the team had the money to sign James and the roster flexibility to acquire key players LeBron is interested in playing with. Another NBA storyline is ready to begin, and it starts with perhaps the greatest player of all time leaving his hometown team to play for perhaps the most respected franchise in NBA history.

Lakers Getting Better: The Lakers undoubtedly become a much better basketball team with the addition of James. Roster wise, the only players that look to be safe is Lonzo Ball, the second year guard who will have to learn quickly that when LeBron wants the ball…he means it, and Brandon Ingram, the undersized forward who will have to make more plays now stepping in to a JR Smith type of roll. The rest of the team, including former teammate Isaiah Thomas, is up for grabs on a roster spot.

Who else comes to LA: With Paul George deciding to stay in OKC for the rest of his contract, LeBron James will look to another superstar to carry the sorry LA Lakers basketball team over the daunting Warriors and surging Rockets. Kawhi Leonard, the next best player at LeBron’s position in free agency, will have a difficult time taking a back seat to LeBron’s points and the drama train the Ball family has caused in the franchise. The Lakers are missing a lot on both sides of the court, and it is too soon to tell as to where LeBron will find his disciples.

Best in the West? By no means does this move place the Lakers in the one seed come spring time next season. The Lakers have grown exponentially overnight with the addition of one player, however, the Lakers are still behind Golden State and Houston in firepower, leaving fans to wonder whether LeBron decided on a comfy retirement rather than championships in his last few seasons. The only guarantee this move made for the playoffs paved an easy road for Boston in the east next season.

2019 Lakers results? LeBron will find his big three in Los Angeles, but it won’t be enough to over take the Warriors in the West. LeBron and company will revamp the Laker name, filling seats and selling Jerseys for Magic Johnson, but ultimately next season the final two teams will be a new face in the east, and a familiar foe coming out of the western bracket.

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