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List: Ariana Grande’s Top Eight Songs

Grande embodies a pop star like no artist before her.

If being a pop princess means anything, it means Ariana Grande is life.

Grande embodies a pop star like no artist before her, with grace, poise and the occasional snap back to reality. She has been through more in her life that others will ever face, she has made that her anthem and always sings it proudly.

Ariana has five studio albums out that show her growth into the woman she is now. You can even see it in her album covers: her three older albums are in black and white, but as life knocks at her door she started putting albums out in color.

Many of us have whirlwind lives and face our own struggles, but what makes Ariana’s music special is how she can express her experiences and feelings through her songs and have so many people connect to it.

“Break Up With Your Girlfriend”

This epic song lays out all her true feelings. Ariana is past the point of caring what people think of her and is living her best life with this song. It had singles and couples jamming out, bringing this song to number one on the charts in May 2019.

“No Tears Left to Cry”

“No Tears” comes off Ariana’s fourth studio album Sweetener (which is her first album cover in color). This song says she is ready to move on with her life after all of the struggles she has been through. It won Best Pop Video at the MTV Music Awards in 2018. This song conveys all the feels when you are ready to move past something in your life.

“Fake Smile”

Now this song gets me. Have you ever faked the way someone makes you feel by throwing out a fake smile their way? Ariana has! It must feel so empowering when that moment in life comes where you aren’t as fazed by drama and pettiness and don’t have to put on a fake smile anymore. “Fake Smile” is off her fifth studio album, Thank u, Next. If you haven’t heard this song take a listen and you’ll understand.

“The Way”

An earlier song from her first studio album, Yours Truly. “The Way” holds a special place Ariana’s catalog. This is the first song that she and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller worked on, and is one of the reasons they became close and then eventually started dating. This song was a milestone in her career in terms of her style changing and developing her sound.

“Break Free”

‘Break Free’ should be a womans national anthem. This song is about change and growth and breaking free from what people want or think you should be. She let the world know early on with ‘Break Free’  being off her second studio album ‘My Everything’ that she is a woman of change and strength. ‘My Everything’ was also nominated for a Grammy for best pop album in 2015.


“Monopoly” is Grande’s latest single and let me tell you its a banger. It’s basically her telling the world that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval and she is who she is and that’s not going to change. She has been growing for years and her newer songs clearly reflect that. “Monopoly” is also showcases some of Ariana’s other talents like rapping.

“Be Alright”

“Be Alright” is one of Ariana’s lighter songs. There is still a message behind the song, but it’s a little more simple: everything is going to be alright. Straight off her third studio album Dangerous Woman, this song will make you believe everything is alright — even if its not. Upbeat, light and simple isn’t the path she always takes, so it’s nice to hear she can still relax!

“Into You”

The reason this song is so special is due to its different message. Grande is all about telling people her thoughts, and how she doesn’t need approval, but there is one thing she does sing about that she needs: love. This song represents her willingness to dive in and be loved, which is a concept everyone should be open to. Off Dangerous Woman, this was earlier in her career, so you can see how she has grown since this song.

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