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Magna Publications Announces Partnership with Credly by Pearson

Magna Publications has announced a new partnership with Credly by Pearson to provide digital badges to demonstrate learning gained from online courses, online professional development training, virtual workshops, and virtual conferences, according to a recent press release. Participants who complete any of the eligible programs and meet the required criteria will now earn a Magna Publications digital credential.

“Our learners are committed to professional growth, and we wanted to make it easy for them to share their achievements online in a way that is trusted and can be easily verified,” said Bill Haight, president of Magna Publications. “These proficiency, learning, and participation badges represent the distinct learning achieved by our earners. Credly has been pivotal in our success with this.”

By displaying a secure, digital representation of a Magna Publications badge, earners can more easily manage, share, and use their earned badges within their networks, across social media platforms, and on their resumes. Each digital badge contains verified metadata that describes the criteria and process required to earn it.

Magna digital credentials cover topics on:

• Classroom teaching
• Online teaching
• Course design
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Academic leadership

“We are thrilled to offer our customers this well-deserved recognition for their commitment to their professional growth,” said Haight. “As we continue to embrace the future of digital badging, we are humbled by the support of our valued customers these past 50 years.”

For more information about the Magna Publications digital credential program, visit

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