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Manage Stress with New Spoken Word Music Album “Over the Counter Meditations”

For college students, heading home for Thanksgiving and winter break may not feel so merry, especially with the increasing rise in anxiety and depression from world events. After thousands of client hours helping many Gen Zers navigate their lives during Covid, Diana Zaheer, a spiritual teacher with over 30 years of experience, joined forces with musician and producer Lincoln Parish, best known for his work as the lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Cage the Elephant, to create Over the Counter Meditations, according to a recent press release. Over the Counter Meditations is a spoken word LP with a metaphysical purpose for positive transformation and reliable support during pivotal moments in people’s mental health journeys.

“I want people to have a variety of support tools as they navigate difficult moments in their daily lives,” says Zaheer, a Boulder resident who grew up in a family of healers in the San Francisco Bay Area, spending 15 years in an inner work school, and gaining wisdom from master teachers across the globe while living overseas in Asia and the Middle East for 12 years. “Feelings of hopelessness, sleep problems and lack of energy really can be helped when we have inner support. The spoken word album is a response to that need. Lincoln designed soundscapes and music – across many different genres – that move my short concentrated teachings in ways we did not even imagine.”

“I created musical emotion through a cinematic landscape,” says Parish, now a thriving music producer at his Nashville Talk Box Rodeo studio. “And it was exciting to allow Diana’s unusually soothing and compelling voice to stay in the forefront.” Parish originally co-founded Cage the Elephant with lead singer Matt Shultz and his brother, rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz, in 2006. Since moving on from the band he has worked with a variety of artists, including Lilly Hiatt, Rivers And Rust, Alicia Blue, and more. “This project broke the confines of writing typical pop songs, and it was therapeutic for me.”

Generation Z, also known as the most anxious generation, will benefit from the positive and creative approach Over the Counter Meditations brings to access support, as music is known to activate the limbic system triggering emotion in listeners.

In addition to the album, Diana has created many inner support tools including music videos (there will be 10 music videos for this album), relaxing meditations and her website’s private and free virtual healing rooms, which can also be accessed as playlists on her YouTube channel. She will soon be publishing a book about healing.

Take a few minutes to listen to Diana’s BREATHING MEDITATION and come back to yourself.

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