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Masego’s Sounds Fully Mature on ‘Lady Lady’

His latest is a deep dive into “TrapHouseJazz.”


Lady Lady 


College Media Network Masego's Sounds Fully Mature on 'Lady Lady'Masego’s newest album shows a different and more mature side his vocal and arrangement. Unlike his first full length album, “Loose Thoughts,” the Jamaican-American musician taps into multiple genres and a variety of sources for inspiration.

“Lady Lady” accomplishes trick that average rappers couldn’t master, and the genres intertwined within the 14 songs indicate it may be the ideal soundtrack for fall.

The 25-year-old musician and artist writes his own lyrics and also plays a multitude of instruments, including saxophone, piano and the trombone. His personality shines through the words and phrases effortlessly.

On “Had a Vision,” Masego raps, “Take all my thoughts and my ideas/wall so thick call her Ikea.” The record is a self-described “ode to women” who Masego has either loved or admired. His humor is present throughout and provides a unique aspect to the work.

The album begins with a fully instrumental track titled “Silk,” before leading into some detailed and deeply produced songs. There is no cohesive or similar backing sound to every song on the album, which makes it more diverse and refreshing.

On “Old Age – SiR,” Masego is able to tap into his powerful and passionate side, which recalls Chance the Rapper. Although comparisons aren’t much use with a diverse talent like his, it is clear that Masego has been inspired by artists like J Cole and Tito.

Masego agrees that this new work is unlike anything he has released before.

“My previous projects have different energy, and I feel like I’ve graduated to a more mature version of myself — my beard’s almost connected, my man body’s comin’ in,” Masego explained to Billboard magazine. He calls the new sound “TrapHouseJazz.”

“Lady Lady” makes an important connection between R&B and jazz. It’s groovy, but it is also soulful and full of life. Through the intricate jazz beats and layered vocals, you can clearly hear how Masego is influenced by different genres and musicians.  

Throughout, wind instruments are accompanied by a variety of beats and catchy piano melodies. Masego plays off of these sounds as if he is improvising,  as in “Shawty Fishin,” but he also equally conveys emotions through his vocals.

Guests such as Tiffany Gouche and De’Wayne Jackson work with him on the record, but Masego undeniably shines through the guest appearances. There are a variety of feelings and themes presented, as if he’s taking us through the different stages of his life.

“Lavish Lullaby” seems to be coming from the point of view of a hopeless romantic, while “Black Love” talks about his wedding day. It is as if the album transports listeners from one time period in his life to the next or as if Masego is daydreaming about the future.

“Lady Lady” is an album up for interpretation regarding its messages, but the power of the music eventually pulls it through.

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