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Meet the Writer: Autumn Miller

A music fanatic from Lexington, Kentucky.

Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s music journalism program, our music writers are profiling other team members, asking about how they got into music and what they see themselves doing in the future. You can read all the profiles here.

Autumn Miller is a music fanatic.

Growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, developing her own musical expression was difficult due to the country-based state and the popularity of mainstream music.

In the beginning, Miller grew up listening to pretty much what everyone else was into. She didn’t develop her own unique taste until the end of her high school career. With the help of her older sister and Tumblr she developed a love for alternative pop and rap. Music that has influenced her include The 1975, Coin, Neighborhood, Mac Miller, Arctic Monkeys, Bleachers, Tyler the Creator, and Frank Ocean.

In Lexington, there isn’t much of a music scene besides one huge arena that hosts big mainstream artists like Taylor Swift and Drake. Miller had to get creative in her music choices, which led to her getting deeper into her all-time favorite band, the 1975.

Miller has traveled to get a taste of other music scenes, including visits to Nashville and Ohio. She has seen the 1975 three times, experiences that included camping in under 30-degree weather, being barricaded against the stage and shouting along to her all-time favorite lyric. “Gotta love the way/you love yourself.”

Miller makes music the center in her life. Whether it’s listening to songs walking to class, creating monthly playlists of music that caters to her feelings, music is omnipresent.

She has aspirations to become a brand manager for a music company, where she wants to utilize her skills in public relations to influence the industry in a positive way.

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