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Meet The Writer: Brianna Vacca

“I always like writing as a way to express my feelings; it’s very therapeutic.”

Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s music journalism program, our music writers are profiling other team members, asking about how they got into music and what they see themselves doing in the future. You can read all the profiles here.

Brianna Vacca realized how much music would impact her life when her father, a DJ for local venues gifted her Kelly Clarkson’s Break Away album for Christmas.

“I don’t know what my family would be doing without music” Vacca explained during a phone call from Philadelphia. “It’s definitely the glue to my family”.

Vacca was always encouraged by her family to let her passion for music flourish and to discover her own path in life.

“My dad was a DJ; he used to put on fake shows for me and my siblings” Vacca reminisced. “I would dress up my brother and make them do skits with me”.

With the support of her musically-inspired family, Vacca started performing in public about three years ago. Her passion for writing quickly came to the surface. She started playing covers of her favorite songs but shortly began to write and sing her own music.

“I always like writing as a way to express my feelings; it’s very therapeutic” Vacca responded when asked how she got into writing her own music. “There’s no rules, you can literally write whatever you want. It makes it a lot easier to process and it helps (me) to understand”.

In her second year of college, Vacca is currently working on her first EP. She’s spends most of her time consumed with being a student at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, working as an intern for a small radio station in South Jersey, and writing for College Media Network with the remainder of her free time.

With all of these responsibilities to balance, Vacca decided to take a break from working on her EP after the summer.

“Now I’m just working on writing.” Vacca says. “My school work is all music related so it keeps me inspired.”

For now, Vacca balances her work and education during the school year. She spends her summers exploring her passion for making music and concerts.

“My passion for working has always been strong” says Vacca.

Vacca easily boasts her passion and drive to be successful. There is no doubt that we will see more from this young artist as she makes her way through school.

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