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Meet the Writer: Dominique Dungo

Working on a wide-ranging career from the west coast.

College Media Network Meet the Writer: Dominique Dungo
Dominique Dungo.

Dominique Dungo has practiced her love for music in several different ways.

Her introduction to it was when she was younger, as she sang along with her family. That morphed into her interviewing local artists for her college radio station. While her love for music comes from a folk rock, jazz, and ragga/jungle background, she has also introduced soul and R&B into her listening landscape by way of Ms. Erykah Badu.

Outside of being a student looking to sharpen her music journalism skills,  Dungo practices interacting with real artists by covering them within the Los Angeles area for KPC Radio, Pierce College’s station. When asked about a takeaway Dungo has learned about herself when it comes to interviewing, she said, “I enjoy being face-to-face and one-on-one with musicians. Being able to connect and get to know more about them has helped me be more confident in being able to hold a conversation when it came to musicians, so that inspires me.”

Not only is it a space to exercise her love for music, she also looks at it as a platform for artists to gain new listeners and exposure:

“Being able to promote talented musicians in Los Angeles was one of my favorite things. It excited me because, we help each other network — with my radio show and their music — it gets audiences to hear about them who could be interested in their band/music.”

She has big plans for her music journalism career as well.

“I see myself moving upwards into the music journalism and photojournalism career and traveling. Going to different states, countries, or cities,” she says. “Making tons of connections for music and photography and being inspired by other journalists. Hoping to have my photography up somewhere in an art gallery or somewhere better and inspire audiences to read my articles, and maybe write a book one day, but I’m still figuring out what it will be about!”

During our conversation, I also asked the rising journalist’s thoughts on current topics in the music industry. When it came to flak Badu received after publicly speaking on the severe sexual misconduct acts allegedly performed by R. Kelly, Dungo replied:

College Media Network Meet the Writer: Dominique Dungo

“I think she’s speaking from a point of view that the audience won’t understand. Knowing someone in a deeper friendship level she just wants him to be better and hope he sees the light.”

Does Dungo think Badu deserves a spot in the Songwriters Hall of Fame?

“Absolutely she does. She’s been a real artist since the 90s and her lyrics and instruments in her music have always been euphoric and groovy.”

While Dungo still has ways to go when it comes to prioritizing her dreams and pursuing her goals, she plans to “connect and write about inspirational talented musicians for example, interview some good blues, jazz, drum and bass, or R&B.”

All of Dominique’s writing for CMN can be found here.

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