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Meet the Writer: Madison Hunt

A writer from DC with a passion for underground artists and soulful music

Autumn Miller



Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s music journalism program, our music writers are profiling other team members, asking about how they got into music and what they see themselves doing in the future. You can read all the profiles here.

Madison Hunt’s love for music started at a very young age. In the 4th grade, she started playing percussion and has played ever since.

Her music taste was mainly shaped by whatever her friends were listening to — or the music that her mom played in the car.

Over the years, her music taste has changed and she has branched out. She stays away from the mainstream and describes her music taste now as, “more soulful, more intimate, more sensitive.”

That is easy to understand when she describes her favorite music. Her favorite album of all time is Songs In A Minor by Alicia Keys, featuring many soulful songs from the powerful female artist. Another more recent favorite is East Atlanta Love Letter by 6LACK, a calm and raw album from R&B artist, which she reviewed for College Media Network.

Hunt says she is drawn to female artists, who tend to have sensitive and relaxing music that fits with her personality.

Along with her love for music she also has a love for writing. She was part of her high school’s poetry club and the school newspaper. Writing drifted away from her a bit in college because she was a communications major, but she picked it back up when she became a writer for College Media Network.

Live music is also a large part of Hunt’s life — she has been to over 50 festivals and concerts.

Her most memorable music moment was during the first music festival she attended during her junior year of high school. She loved “seeing all different types of people in one area surrounded by music was amazing.”

Artist interaction with the crowd during a show is something important to Hunt.

She has been a fan of Tori Kelly since she was posting covers on YouTube. She saw Tori in a small venue and the intimate setting was perfect for getting really engaged with Kelly’s performance.

Hunt went to college in New York but is originally from DC. She describes the New York music culture as “loud, and there is always something going on” but because so many people go to shows in New York, the shows are hard to enjoy in small venues.

She feels the DC scene isn’t easy to get into:  With only a few concert venues and a few music festivals a year, it’s hard to experience live music in the area when you aren’t into mainstream artists.

Having experienced many different music cultures and types of shows, live shows — and all types of music — are going to be a part of Madison’s life for a long time.

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Autumn Miller is a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Communications with a double minor in Business and Digital Media & Design. She has a love for alternative and pop music, especially The 1975. She is currently working at Texas Roadhouse in Lexington but after college, she plans to get a job in Public Relations. She enjoys stupid humor, being with her friends, and spending way too much time online.

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