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Meet the Writer: Robyn ‘RJ’ McDonald

“Music is like my food for the soul.”

College Media Network Meet the Writer: Robyn 'RJ' McDonald

Robyn “RJ” McDonald has been involved with music since early childhood as it has become a big part of her life.

When asked what music means to her, she expressed it beautifully:

“Music is like my food for the soul. It’s my go-to activity, and it helps me express what I can’t say. Music is everything to me.”

Her love for specific music genres includes pop, R&B, and hip hop. RJ dreams of making this type of music as a healing for the soul.

“I would love to help with vocals and the beat on pop songs, be a songwriter for R&B, and create the beat itself for hip hop.” 

Along with creating her own style and beat to her favorite type of music, RJ holds other aspirations that will hopefully help flourish her path towards a successful music career, even if she has yet to reach any of her ultimate goals.

She wants “to own a record label, and obtain a higher degree in either Music Production or Music Business.”

In addition for making great ambitions come true, RJ hopes to incorporate some of her personal beliefs in music. For instance, she is determined to see women making it big in the music world and prove that they have as much potential and talent as men.

“I just want to show and prove that women can be/do anything a male can do in this male-dominated industry. Also to inspire young girls to follow their music dreams.”

 She strongly believes women can make a difference in the world. Stating that music can be created by anyone of any gender, and that it should be seen and taken into a more positive light, rather than something that is looked down upon.

“I would like to see more females in the industry. It’s so powerful and makes a statement, and helps diversity. It shows women empowerment and I love that idea. I also want more positivity, because everything is so negative nowadays.” 

While RJ is on her journey in making her musical dreams become reality, she offers great advice for those who aspire to have a career in music and how they can get started on the path to reaching their goals. 

“Just go for it, never stop, never give up, and keep pushing. You’ll get a lot of nos, but someone will eventually say yes, and you’ll get the opportunity you’ve been working for or unlock even more opportunities for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take chances and always continue to learn and grow. Start by going to school, learning and practice on your own, honing your craft. Network anywhere you go because you never know who you nay meet that may help you go further. Never give up and always keep practicing.”

You can read all of RJ’s writing for CMN here. 

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