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Meet the Writer: Timothy Hafke

Let’s get to know the man from Detroit.

Detroit native Timothy Hafke has a pallet full of variety. He likes writing about fashion, music, food, and sports. As a current writer for College Media Network, Hafke has touched base on all of the above topics, although he admits he only wrote a few articles on sports in his entire writing career.

“I originally wanted to become a fashion designer. I really don’t know much about sports,” Hafke jokes.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hafke on music, his dream job and how being a Detroit native doesn’t automatically make you an Eminem fan.

College Media Network Meet the Writer: Timothy Hafke
Timothy Hafke.

RF: So you were born in Detroit?

TH: Yes, I have lived here for 23 years of my life. I went to Marist College in Poughkeepsie though.

RF: How and when did you fall in love with writing?

TH: I originally went to Marist to become a fashion designer. By my sophomore year, though, I decided I liked reading about fashion. Fashion was such a specific niche, that I started to branch out from there.

I pursued writing the first few years of college. I was the editorial director of my College’s fashion magazine. I worked at Hour Detroit magazine. From there I took a freelancing gig at Fashion 360.

RF: Do you have a favorite topic to write about?

TH: I have written about many different things but focused on fashion. I would say music.

RF: What are you listening to right now?

TH: I have been listening to The White Stripes a lot.

RF: Being a Detroit native, are you a big Eminem fan?

TH: He was the biggest rapper of the new millennium thus far. Coming from Detroit, it seems like you have to be, but I do not listen to his music.

RF: What is your dream job?

TH: Probably being a staff writer at Pitchfork. Any long form piece and your interpretation of the reviews is something that interests me.

RF: Did you ever have a bad experience with writing?

TH: Yes, I interviewed Hozier about two months ago. I asked him how “Take Me To Church,” his hit song, became so ubiquitous as the theme behind it pushed for gay rights in the Roman Catholic Church. Some people were upset with the political message. So, he basically apologized for it, but he feels very strongly about the topic and politics in general.

There were also times I reviewed fashion shows. I wrote a review, it was published, but only for a few days because it was a bit critical.

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