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Michigan State University Ex-President Charged in Larry Nassar Case

The investigation continues.

Michigan State University’s former president, Lou Anna Simon, has been charged with two felony and misdemeanor counts for allegedly lying to law enforcement officials during the Larry Nassar investigation.

Nassar, a doctor employed by the university and USA Gymnastics was convicted of abusing numerous patients back in July 2017. He has already been sentenced to serve up to 175 years in prison.

 NPR reports, Simon purposefully withheld the fact that she knew that the university’s Title IX office and police department had launched an investigation against Nassar in 2014 following complaints of sexual assault. Although Nassar was later cleared by the university, Simon reportedly told investigators she was unaware of the which doctor was involved in the investigation, but evidence shows she attended the 2014 meeting where Nassar was discussed.

Simon resigned in January after she was put under pressure. Her resignation came on the same day as Nassar’s sentencing. The ex-president has since denied any criminal wrongdoing but could face up to four years in prison if convicted.

The 71-year-old is the latest campus affiliate to be criminally charged for their involvement in the Nassar scandal. In October, Steve Penny, former USA Gymnastics president was arrested for tampering with evidence related to the investigation.

Simon’s arraignment is set for Monday in Eaton County, Mich.





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