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Monday Morning Scoop: Tennessee Manhunt

Plus, calls for punishment at Syracuse University.

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for April 23, 2018. A manhunt in Tennessee is making national headlines this morning and the fallout from videos featuring members of a Syracuse fraternity continues, while a new royal baby made his entrance today. And are you still feeling the vibes from Friday? Yeah, us too. 

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‘Waffle House Killer’ Still on the Loose

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Tennessee Manhunt

A law enforcement image of Travis Reinking (Image: Nashville Police Dept.)

A man who allegedly shot four people in a Nashville-area Waffle House early Sunday morning is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous, according to police.

29-year-old Travis Reinking is wanted in the shooting incident, which also injured four people and could have been far worse, officials say, if it wasn’t for the actions of James Shaw Jr., who wrestled an AR-15 rifle from the shooter. 

Reinking was wearing only a green jacket during the attack and fled the scene completely naked. He had reportedly just moved to the Nashville area, but has a troubled past: He was arrested for trespassing at the White House last year and had reportedly told paramedics who were called to his aid in 2016 that Taylor Swift was harassing him. He claimed the singer was stalking and hacking his phone.

Second Video Surfaces in Syracuse University Fraternity Expulsion

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud announced the permanent expulsion of the school’s Theta Tau fraternity chapter Friday, after a video that he called “extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist, and hostile to people with disabilities” surfaced and sparked protests across the campus.

The Daily Orange published a second video featuring members of the fraternity yesterday, which shows them “miming the sexual assault of a person with disabilities,” according to a story by Orange news editor Sam Ogozalek.

University officials announced that 18 students received student code of conduct citations for their role in the videos, but their identities were not released due to federal privacy regulations. The students could face further punishment from the school.

Exclusive: Insights on Food Insecurity from College Students

A few weeks ago, a Wisconsin HOPE Lab report found that many college students do not have enough money to eat or to establish comfortable housing.

College Media Network writer Lindsay Wigo took to some college campuses and talked to three students about food insecurity and why they feel that this is an issue to address. See what she found out.

Today in a Tweet 

Kate and Prince William are wasting no time creating their own little dynasty, as the royal couple welcomed their third child — and second boy — this morning. Twitter is kinda pumped.

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Tennessee Manhunt

Last But Not Least: CMN Friday Playlists are a Thing Now

Is there a better day than 4/20 to roll out a new music feature on College Media Network?

We couldn’t think of one, which is why we started our new Friday feature, CMN Vibes, with a 31-song playlist from CMN Senior Correspondent Erin Whiten.

Keep it on repeat while you wait for the next edition, which will be handpicked by a different CMN team member and published each Friday.

This hazy Monday Morning Scoop was compiled from work by Natalia KolenkoLindsay WigoErin Whitten and the CMN Staff. Have you started counting down the days left in the semester yet? 

College Media Network Monday Morning Scoop: Tennessee Manhunt

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