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Monday Scoop: Betsy DeVos

Plus, a school pays tribute to Trashman.

College Media Network Monday Scoop: Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos’ new campus sexual assault policies are sparking debate. (image: ABC News video)

The big story…

Betsy DeVos Announces Sweeping Reform of College Sexual Assault Policies

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rolled out new rules for those accused of sexual assault in college, replacing policies from the Obama administration on how to enforce Title IX. In DeVos’ rules, the level of proof in sexual assault cases will be raised from “a preponderance of the evidence” to “clear and convincing evidence.” Under this rule, the accused and the accuser would be allowed to cross examine each other, whereas before students were barred from direct contact. Opponents of DeVos’ policies say that these rules give too much leniency to the accused and to schools. House Democrats have already vowed to fight DeVos’ proposal.

In the newsroom…

Judge Rules White House Must Reinstate CNN’s Jim Acosta

A judge ruled on Friday that the White House must reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials. But the fight isn’t over — the news is that the White House appears to be planning to revoke Acosta’s White House access again.

In midterms…

Stacey Abrams Concedes Georgia Gubernatorial Election

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams conceded the race to her opponent Brian Kemp, calling Kemp’s win “legal” but not “legitimate.” Read more about the beginnings of this contentious race in Courtney Good’s report for CMN.

Also in midterms…

Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Race

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson conceded the Florida Senate race to Republican Gov. Rick Scott Sunday following the completion of a statewide recount. The Florida Senate race, along with the governor’s and state’s race for agriculture commissioner, went to a machine recount a week ago but Scott still held the lead after the completion. Scott’s victory confirms the Republican majority in the Senate, which is now 52 Republican seats and 47 Democratic seats.

In national news…

California Wildfires Continue Destruction, As State Begins Recovery

As of Sunday night, 77 people are confirmed dead and 1,000 are still missing in the infernos that consumed the state of California. Both the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire are mostly contained, and first responders hope that the Woolsey fire will be completely contained by Thanksgiving Day. Even those who were safely evacuated from their homes have further faced harm, as an outbreak of Norovirus has infiltrated certain shelters in Butte County.

President Trump visited the state on Saturday to observe the wreckage of the fires, again siting forrest mismanagement as a major cause of the destruction. Trump provided some advice from the President of Finland that raking in forests could help prevent these fires — to which the Finnish president said, huh?

In global news…

‘Yellow Vests’ Protest Diesel Tax in France

In France, almost 300,000 people convened on Saturday to protest the country’s rising fuel prices. The demonstration, mobilized by the activist group called the “yellow vests,” caused more than 400 injuries and 1 death.

In music…

Country Radio Seminar’s 50th Anniversary Comes with Controversy

There are 13 candidates for the New Faces of Country Music category — but only 1 is female. Read more in Brianna Vacca’s report for CMN.

In comedy…

SNL Skit About Consent Could Point one way Forward

Saturday Night Live gave us a new way to talk about consent — through rap. Read more in Madison Hunt’s report for CMN.

In film…

Aardman Animations in Great Britain Will Become an Employee Owned Business

The British animation studio that brought you “Wallace and Gromit” will be becoming an employee-owned business. Read more in Duane Paul Murphy’s report for CMN.

Trending today…

A Tribute to Trashman

Students at SUNY Purchase created a shrine to Danny DeVito in a hidden corner of their bathroom. Unfortunately, the administration had to take down the shrine after it got so much social media buzz, but the school said that DeVito is welcome there anytime.

Last but not least…

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Today’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Natalia KolenkoBrianna VaccaMadison HuntDuane Paul MurphyErin WhittenCourtney Good, and the CMN Staff. The Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is “toxic” — and no, it has nothing to do with Britney Spears.

College Media Network Monday Scoop: Betsy DeVos

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