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Monday Scoop: California Burnin’

Plus, will the government shut down over The Wall?

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for July 30, 2018. Summer wildfires are ravaging parts of California, while the president whipped up a tweetstorm over the weekend, launching vicious attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the news media. 

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Wildfires Grow in California 

College Media Network Monday Scoop: California Burnin'

Crews are battling the fires around the clock. (Image: Fairfield Fire Department)

More than a dozen wildfires are burning in California this morning, and are being blamed for destroying nearly 900 homes and businesses. The biggest blaze, the so-called the Carr Fire in Shasta County, has claimed six lives and left seven missing.

The fire nearly doubled in size over the weekend and firefighters say it is only 17% contained. The weather forecast doesn’t bode well for making progress, with high temperatures, low humidity and winds making further spreading likely.

The fires don’t discriminate, either. Redding, Calif. Police Chief Roger Moore told the Los Angeles Times that he and two other police officers lost their homes in the Carr Fire.

Trump Threatens to Shut the Government Down Over Border Wall

President Trump threatened to force the government into shutdown as the appropriations deadline in September looms, if Congress does not fund his border wall and alter U.S. immigration law.

CNN reports, “Trump has previously floated the possibility of a government shutdown over border security and immigration, and on Sunday he made his threat explicit, saying he would do so unless Congress funds his proposed wall, which he promised Mexico would pay for, and puts in place his preferred immigration policies.”

A shutdown in September would be the third time this year the government would be forced to close.

Today in a Tweet

It’s National Cheesecake Day, because of course it is. 

College Media Network Monday Scoop: California Burnin'

Last But Not Least: Twitter Reacts: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Are Engaged

Reports surfaced Friday that Nick Jonas, singer/songwriter and former member of the Jonas Brothers, got engaged to actress Priyanka Chopra. The couple has reportedly been dating for two months.

You guessed it, Twitter had a few choice things to say about the couple and the engagement. CMN Senior Editor Carla Loebenstein rounded up some of the best reactions. 

Wednesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Natalia KolenkoCarla Loebenstein, and the CMN Staff. July is almost over, kids, which means August is almost here. Which means the start of classes is almost here. 

College Media Network Monday Scoop: California Burnin'

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