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NASA Awards $43.5 Million to Small US Businesses

Phase I of this program allows small businesses to work with the big guys.

Julia Howland



In preparation for Phase 1 of NASA’s small business innovation research (SBIR) program and small business technology transfer (STTR) program a total of 348 proposals have been accepted which equals a total of $43.5 million in rewards.

The proposals recently accepted will support the development of human space exploration, astrophysics, aeronautics and more. Specific examples within these fields are:

  • Superconducting technology, in order to produce lightweight, efficient aircraft.
  • Room temperature electrolyzer, as a means to generate oxygen and carbon dioxide in deficient aircraft and the surface of Mars.
  • Hall-effect thruster power processing unit, which supports efficiency in space exploration, particularly interplanetary transfer.
  • Oscillating heat pipe to improve the thermal conditions on aircraft/spacecraft.
  • Onboard autonomous intelligent systems to manage the crew and central technology systems on spacecraft.

“This round of Phase I looks very promising and creative and will enhance innovation throughout the Agency,” Jim Reuter, acting associate administrator for the agency’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), said. “Many of the businesses that go through the SBIR program end up working with NASA on the research and technologies needed to advance our space exploration goals.”

Contracts within Phase 1 will last between 6 months to a year depending on the program. After that, the funding (maximum $125,000) will kick in and demonstration/development will begin.

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My name is Julia Howland. I am a double major in journalism and English at SUNY New Paltz. I also happen to own a Hedgehog, which I proudly named Dill Prickles. As one might guess I am quite the fan of puns and 90s Nick cartoons.

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