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New Book Outlines Methods for College Students to Create Their Dream Future

Sarah Centrella’s latest work is called #FutureBoards.

Author Sarah Centrella has a new book out — #FutureBoards: Learn How to Create a Vision Board to Get Exactly the Life You Want! This new volume is designed to help college students shape a future based on doing something they love that also provides them with the income to provide them with the life they desire.

College students will find crucial skills and practices for creating vision boards and taking them to the next level, according to a press release for the book. Students will learn how to identify what they truly desire in life, how to break through a negative mindset, and methods to help them focus on what really matters.

College Media Network New Book Outlines Methods for College Students to Create Their Dream Future

Centrella, who is also a life coach, thinks college is the ideal time for students to begin creating a future they love. It’s about learning the skills that will get them there, Centrella says.

At the center of this vision is creating a vision board. Centrella’s book can help students pinpoint their dreams and decorate their boards with their favorite pictures, quotes, and more. Not only can it spice up a dorm room, these vision boards are key to keeping your goals front and center every day.

Whether it’s working towards an “A” in their hardest class, or taking on a Minor, #FutureBoards is now available to help college students make the absolute most of their four years.

Learn more about #FutureBoards here.

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