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Next on Hollywood’s Chopping Block: Chris Hardwick

While Dykstra never mentions the name of her boyfriend some of the times, events and details line up with her time Television host and comedian Chris Hardwick.

Ojanae Marshall



On Thursday night Actress Chole Dykstra made a post to titled Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession. In this post she details a relationship with a man, she doesn’t name. The details are about the physical, emotional and sometimes sexual abuse she suffered as well as her subsequent anorexia. She also talks about how because of this relationship she was blacklisted. This article does rightfully come with a trigger warning.

While Dykstra never mentions the name of her boyfriend some of the times, events and details line up with her time Television host and comedian Chris Hardwick. Chris Hardwick is known for many tv shows and podcasts. Most recently he has been doing after show talk shows on AMC, for example, “Talking Dead”, “Talking Bad”, and “Talking Saul”. Since 2017 he has had his own show on AMC titled “Talking With Chris Hardwick”.

Since the discovery of these allegations, AMC has pulled “Talking With Chris Hardwick” and Hardwick has removed himself from AMC’s and BBC America’s Comic-Con panels for the convention this year. NBC is also questioning their affiliation with Hardwick, who hosts the NBC show “The Wall.”

Both companies released statements which said how much they enjoy having Hardwick on their network but in light of recent allegations must put their working relationships on hold until they have had time to assess the situation properly and will take proper and complete action then.

Hardwick also made a statement regarding the allegations. He stated that he was “heartbroken” and “devasted” and “at no time did [he] sexually assault her.” He did not comment on the career tampering allegations. He did, however, fling his own accusations at Dykstra. He accused her of infidelity during their relationship. Dykstra has yet to respond o those accusations or to whether her post was indeed about Chris Hardwick.

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My name is Ojanae Marshall. I am a rising senior at Montclair State University. I am majoring in Religion with a minor in Psychology. I have been writing all my life, I love it. I started getting published as a writer for Sex etc. a sexual education magazine and continued my career from there. I am excited to be apart of CMN. When I am not writing or in school, I am a full-time infant teacher at a daycare. I love working with the babies, it makes me extremely happy. In my free time, I love Netflix and music for which I have eclectic taste. I am also ready to learn and laugh.

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