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NFL Trade Rumors: Who’s Been Dealt and Who’s on the Block

Rumors heat up one week before the Oct. 30th Trade Deadline

Amari Cooper: Oakland to Dallas 

Former Oakland wide out Amari Cooper was traded this week to the Dallas Cowboys for a first round pick.

Outcome for Oakland- The Raiders win big and lose big in this trade. They win because putting a first round price on Amari Cooper was a steep ask, but they were able to find one team in the Cowboys desperate enough at the pass catcher position to make that deal.

But the Raiders take a hit in the locker room as head coach John Gruden trades away yet another dynamic and well liked player on the Oakland Roster. With the team relocating to Vegas in 2020 and Gruden having full control of the team, there is unrest among the players on whether anyone is safe.

Outcome for Dallas- The Cowboys address a much needed replacement for departed Dez Bryant by acquiring Cooper. Giving up a first round pick is a set back, but finding a gem like Cooper in the first round will be hard to do. Cooper has NFL experience and two 1,000 yard seasons under his belt.

The wideout hasn’t produced much of late, but that can be attributed to an Oakland offense tanking their season on purpose for better draft position. Cooper fills a need in Dallas and gives Prescott some kind of talent to throw to.

Le’Veon Bell: On The Block

Bell told his current team that he would finally sign his franchise tag and report  during their week 7 bye. But as of Wednesday morning the Steelers have not heard anything from the running back or his agent.

It looks like the Steelers may have called his bluff, and his trade potential has risen once again.

Bell not reporting to the team forces the Steelers to move on from their one time franchise running back and listen to potential offers, even if it isn’t quite what they hoped for.

The Philadelphia Eagles make the most sense, but have sworn off trading for Bell. Jacksonville was the next best option, but after their trade for Carlos Hyde acquiring another back seems doubtful. Houston needs help in the run game, but Lamar millers 100 yard performance last week gives them hope for a revival on the ground.

The Steelers are running out of contenders who would consider trading for a risk like Bell, and will likely have to take a deal they are uncomfortable with given they are going to lose him anyways in the offseason. For now its a waiting game to see whether Bell returns this week or an offer is presented to Pittsburgh that they can’t pass up.

Devante Parker: On The Block

The Dolphins former first round pick has depreciated in value each season as his injuries continue to plague his career. The Dolphins have put together a receiving core that works without Parker on the field and have spoken to multiple teams about a trade.

Parker has expressed that he would like to stay in Miami, but his agent hasn’t done him any favors. After Parker was listed as inactive last week his agent described head coach Adam Gase as “Incompetent” via ESPN.

Since the comment was released, the Dolphins have made a few more calls than usual to interested parties, perhaps the most intrigued team being the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carlos Hyde: Cleveland to Jacksonville

After signing to the Browns in the offseason Cleveland has traded Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars for a fifth round pick.

Outcome for Cleveland: For the Browns its essentially no harm no foul by getting rid of Hyde and gaining a fifth round pick. With Duke Johnson and rising rookie Nick Chubb on the roster Hyde was fighting for reps on the field anyways. Chubb seems to be the future back to play along side Baker Mayfield and Cleveland now has one more pick in the draft.

Outcome for Jacksonville: The Jags fill a need in the absence of injured Leonard Fournette. T.J. Yeldon has carried the load for Jacksonville in the run game, but he is far from a three down back and not an ideal candidate to run in between the tackles.

Carlos Hyde is no longer the franchise back he seemed to be when he played in San Fransisco, but he can still play the role of a first down rusher. The jags are quickly falling out of the race for the AFC South and Fournette won’t be back for a few more games. A fifth rounder isn’t much to give up for a back of Hydes talent, even if he is only a rental.

Patrick Peterson: On The Block 

Peterson is easily a top three cornerback in the NFL, unfortunately he plays on the worst team in the league in Arizona. The All-Pro corner has asked the Cardinals to trade him given he believes he can help a contender reach the Super Bowl.

The Saints are Petersons ideal landing spot if traded. New Orleans offense has the team playoff bound, but their defense is holding them back from true Super Bowl expectations. Adding Peterson in the secondary would boost the Saints to a top seed come January.

Other than New Orleans, the Patriots and the Eagles have also expressed interest in acquiring the 28 year old corner. New England is always looking to add talent to an ever-evolving defense, but won’t pay as high a price as their competitors. The Eagles need help on defense, but also in the run game, and may not be able to offer much for a veteran corner.

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