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Official Cause of Mac Miller’s Death: Accidental Overdose

Updates on the 26-year-old rapper’s death reveal the cause was a fentanyl and cocaine overdose.

A statement several months ago from Mac Miller’s family that was released in Rolling Stone stated the rapper was found dead in his Los Angles home in early September. Originally, the cause of his death was unclear.

Now, a toxicology report from the LA County Coroner has made official that the cause of Miller’s death was “mixed drug toxicity” including fentanyl, cocaine, and ethanol.

According to TMZ, police found a rolled-up $20 bill in Miller’s right pocket with “white powdery residue” on it and also an iPad in the home with the same white residue.

Themes of drugs, death, and addiction run throughout most of Miller’s music, especially in his second album Watching Movies With The Sound Off released in 2013  and his final mixtape Faces, released in 2014.

He was open about his addiction in the past, and after a period sobriety, received a DUI in May of this year.

His 2011 debut album Blue Slide Park was the first independent debut album in 16 years to reach number one on the Billboard charts. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Miller showed love for his hometown with tracks such as “Frick Park Market” and “Party On Fifth Ave.”

He continued his commercial success with Watching Movies With The Sound Off, GO:OD AM, and The Divine Feminine, all of which hit number three on the Billboard charts.

Miller’s most recent album Swimming was his most critically acclaimed album to date. The Swimming Tour was scheduled to start October 27th and included over 25 dates across the country.  On the night before he passed away, he made a series of tweets promoting the concerts,  saying he wished it started tomorrow.

His track “Come Back to Earth” now feels eerily prophetic:

“And don’t you know that sunshine don’t feel right/When you inside all day/I wish it was nice out, but it looked like rain/Gray skies and I’m drifting, not living forever/They told me it only gets better.”

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