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Palaye Royale Has a New Music Video

Asking questions with their fourth single from ‘Boom Boom’

Earlier this month, Palaye Royale released a new music video for “Dying in a Hot Tub,” after throwing around teasers for weeks. 

The video stays within the theme of their recent album, with a lot of water shots, similar to the artwork for their second album Boom Boom Room: Side B.

Behind the scenes of their album cover artwork for “Boom Boom Room: Side B.

“Dying in a Hot Tub” becomes the fourth single from the eight-song record. The earlier singles were “You’ll Be Fine,” “Death Dance,” and “Teenage Heartbreak Queen.”  Boom Boom Room: Side B went to #17 on the Top Albums Chart, #3 on Top Alternative, and #6 Top Rock. 

Back in September, the band explained that “Dying in a Hot Tub” is about one of their best friends who happens to be an addict. 

The gives you that idea pretty quick, especially with lyrics like: 

You’re looking skinny, you sleepy head
Well have you gotten out of bed?
Have you gotten out of bed?
Getting concerned about my lonely friend
Have you seen yourself today?
You’re going need a haircut and a shave

I can see behind your eyes
Oh, but your mind is getting wasted
But you’re always getting wasted all the time
Getting concerned about your lonely days
You’re doing some more drugs
Getting caught in your ‘drug phase’

After the video was released,  the band asked followers what they thought the meaning behind the music video was. 

The band also went on to explain a little more about the video and the song in general. But, per usual, when Palaye Royale explains one thing, they also bring on 500 more questions for something else. It’s almost like watching an episode of Stranger Things

Palaye Royale are currently on tour with Enter Shikari in the UK until February 4th, 2019. 

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