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Podcast Review: ‘Local Over Everything’

A podcast that digs deep into every corner of the Dallas music scene.

Local Over Everything is a two hour podcast showcasing the latest tracks from talent in Dallas, Texas. The podcast also features an informative segment on music news, local politics and general news.

The aspect I loved most is the diversity when it came to including listeners from different scenes. Some of the local tracks were hip-hop or rap while others were more alternative R&B with classic street vibes. I was impressed by the smooth transitions going from a music block to open discussion or an interview. It’s as if the perfect tracks were played right before discussion began, kudos to DJ Cambio. The host Rodney Blu and Mothebear did a good job when it came to having open discussions. The dialogue between the two had a humorous undertone, but managed to stay serious at the same time. It was nice to hear the natural chemistry displayed during the podcast which was not only seen between the host, but the guest as well. The guest for Episode 24 was Datahowler, an electronic producer, who added even more diversity as he is an experienced musician and designer that started out in Dallas.

Hearing about all Dallas has to offer on its music scene was quite refreshing. As a new resident myself, this show did a good job at letting me get a feel for the local scene, popular music venues, and hangout spots such as Deep Ellum, which is not only known for it’s live music, but great bars as well. As a first time listener, I will definitely be giving future episodes a listen due to the overall love for the city of Dallas.

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