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Podcast Review: Machine Gun Kelly on the CMN Podcast

Professional and informative.

Sitting on my deck, enjoying the view of Lake Ontario, I sat down for my first experience of a College Media Network (CMN) podcast. Scrolling through the options, I saw an episode of The Unknown Gold on Machine Gun Kelly.

In shock, I decided to give it a listen due to the fact that Machine Gun Kelly is the last name I thought I would see. The intro to the podcast was very professional and informative. It gave good insight on what CMN is all about, setting a standard for what was about to transpire in the podcast.

Co-host Patrick Foster was excellent at keeping the conversation going throughout the podcast. Co-host Alessandra Guaneri came prepared, giving her best insight on the topic of discussion. The only thing that bothered me was her voice wasn’t as clear as Patrick’s, it sounded like she was on a phone call which created some echo.

For the future it would be nice for it to sound like both parties involved were in the same room. I feel like it would make the podcast more personal and organic.

I love how music from Machine Gun Kelly was played in between conversation. It added more excitement and gave listeners a taste of the content being discussed throughout the podcast. The music helped prove points and tied everything being said together.

Closing with the sounds of Machine Gun Kelly added more of a radio feel to the podcast, leaving the episode like that made me want to go hear more from CMN.

I enjoyed my first listening experience with CMN, they gained a fan today and I’m excited to hear more.

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