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Portuguese Socialists Win National Parliamentary Elections

Portugal continues to move politically leftward.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa and his center-left Socialist Party have won re-election in nationwide parliamentary elections held on Sunday, October 6. Out of the 230 seats of the unicameral Assembly of the Republic, the Socialist Party won 106 seats while its main rival, the center-right Social Democratic Party, won 77 seats.

Costa and his party will likely form a coalition government with smaller left-wing to far-left parties such as Left Bloc, Unitary Democratic Coalition, People–Animals–Nature, and LIVRE. Smaller right-wing to far-right parties such as CDS– People’s Party, Alliance, and Chega gained fewer seats.

Since 2015, Prime Minister Costa and his progressive coalition government have reversed the effects of austerity measures, increased public sector investment, reduced unemployment, increased annual growth, and reduced deficits. Costa and his government will most likely continue to resolve other domestic economic issues, prepare for the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union, and combat human-made climate change. Neighboring Spain will hold national elections in November 2019 after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his center-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party failed to form a government with smaller parties after previous elections in April 2019.

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