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Review: Alpaca Sports Offers a Soft, Classic Taste of Light Rock

The Swedish duo are back with a new album that feels like an European oldie.

Alpaca Sports
From Paris With Love
(Elefant Records)

Alpaca Sports’ newest album “From Paris with Love” is a soft, classic taste of modern light rock. Beginning with the first track, “I’ll Do Anything You Want” you instantly feel the connection, it’s that easy to relate to.

The third track “Summer Days” offers a glimpse of good guitar playing by their guitarist and vocalist Andreas Jonsson. Perhaps not on the level of a Jimmy Hendrix or Billy Gibbons, but certainly enough to fulfill the vision set forth by the band. A vision that’s pictured as a view of the seasons, and how it’s tied to emotions. As you listen, you can tell the band wants the song to be gentle.

The lyrics to “Summer Days” really do make you think of the summer. I’m a fan of summer, and this one hits a good tune not only on me as a person, but the calendar too as we get ready to welcome the fall.

Fans should take a look at their official music video, and you’ll see how something so simple, can spark your imagination.

Take a look below, from the official Elefant Records Youtube channel.

“Nobody cares but me” has a 50s or 60s oldies feel to it. The vocals have some shades of classic Connie Francis.

Right at the beginning, you find that the vocals are smooth and simply direct, which helps set up a prelude to the rest of the song. The tune is classy, and definitely represents how ageless this music is. No matter the year or the generation, it’s all connected like a family tree. Each tree sprouting a new branch with something different each step of the way.

College Media Network Review: Alpaca Sports Offers a Soft, Classic Taste of Light RockVocalist Amanda Akerman and her soft voice is truly the gem to make the vocals stand out. The song is fast paced, much like the rest of the songs you’ll find on this unique album. A good listen if you’re out on a morning run.

As for “Eiffel Tower,” the name alone made me want to listen, because I love France.  The song is interesting, the violins in the background really do remind you of France. If you’re a traveler, then this song is for you.

If you’re looking for something different that offers a little bit of everything in the composition, definitely give this album a try.

This album certainly accomplishes the bands goals of singing about the places they’ve been, and it’s a history lesson in itself. Elefant Records, has some interesting points about the emotional standpoint of these songs. I find that this band does indeed take their style and provides it longevity into the future of music. As a listener, it made me want to go and see these places myself, and see what they’re like.

Traveling can provide some fascinating experiences, and whether you want to remember them in pictures, poetry, or music, Alpaca Sports reminds us that travel and love do have something in common.

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