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Review: ‘You Lost Your Watermark’ by TK Echo

Eternity really might be waiting for them someday.

There are some qualities that always make a good song: a beat that you can nod your head to, a strong riff that makes you want to play guitar, lyrics that practically beg for you to sing along. 

TK Echo’s “You Lost Your Watermark” hits the, um, mark on those… and more. The four minutes and 59 seconds of rhythmic bliss qualify as a good fit for any growing indie playlist.

While one of their other singles, “Era,” fits the punk tone TK Echo attributes to themselves, “You Lost Your Watermark” has a distinct late-70s revival feel. It’s a vibe that works well with Chris Richards’ vocals and highlights the band member’s individual talents with their respective instruments. 

From the opening harmonics on Richards’ guitar to the long notes held as a background tone on Fiona Griffin’s keyboard, the detailed layers of instruments are enough to require at least a second play. 

The only letdown is that “You Lost Your Watermark” is one of just three songs on the TK Echo catalogue, and after a song like this, three songs is not enough.

Luckily, “Fade My Mind” fits well with this single on the band’s first EP, S/K, providing at least one more song with a similar, borderline-addicting sound.

Hopefully, TK Echo continues to stray from their punk roots in whatever comes next. Moving forward with a sound like this, eternity really might be waiting for them someday.

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