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Six Songs of Sorrow: Anti -Love Songs

Consider this the ultimate warning for love!

Love is often viewed as one of life’s great pleasures. From movies to magazines, there is always a constant reminder of how lovers feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

On the opposing side there are those who have never felt love and constantly dream of it. From television shows to poetry, it’s easy to sympathize with the plight of the hopeless romantic.

While those two paths seem sure love can bathe the strums of an infatuated heart in a much desired light, there are people that are just not feeling the love. Whether your ex was a demon from the pits of Hades or you just weren’t open to love at the time, these six songs will make you think twice about saying “Yes!” to any potential partner.

1. Amy Winehouse “Love is a Losing Game

On this slow soulful ballad, Winehouse reminds us that love is indeed a losing game. The song begins with a reminder the she was once his flame but eventually the flame blew out.

Winehouse’s sad undertone sounds as if she has given up on love. This song is a reminder of how people tend to ignore that fact that eventually love has to end. Love’s value is diminished further when Winehouse sings “[love] is laughed at by the gods,” making it seem almost childish in a sense.

This track is indeed a warning to opt out to the game of love.

2. Rihanna “No Love Allowed

College Media Network Six Songs of Sorrow: Anti -Love Songs

The only thing worse than a bad break up is knowing that your ex has caused permanent damage to your psychological mindset. This track from Rihanna is a perfect example. The Caribbean princess tells her ex “you’re the only one I let get the best of me” then goes on to call him a “murderer” for ruining not only their relationship, but helping her build an emotional wall so big President Trump would be green with envy.

This reminder of the after effects of love is sure to make you stay single for just a little longer.

3. Adele “Set Fire to the Rain

Adele is no stranger to painful soul music, but on this song she shows us exactly what happens when you give all of your heart for nothing in return.

After falling in love then realizing love is not exactly what it is cracked up to be, Adele plots her revenge. What will she do? She will angrily “set fire to the rain and watch it pour as it hit [your face].”

Staying single is easier and more realistic to accomplish than setting fire to the rain. After all, ordinary rain and a night in is more fun!

4. Kanye West Ft. Jamie Foxx “Gold Digger

Watch out for the money hungry leeches!

On this banger, West and Jamie Foxx issue the mother of all warnings about keeping an eye on the woman you love. The only thing worse than a failed relationship or divorce is the judge ordering you to pay your hard earned money to your ex.

West takes it a step further detailing how child support can be used for luxurious gifts as opposed to supporting the child that you may or may not have fathered. While listening to this track, it is okay to laugh a little but never forget to watch out for those gold diggers.

5. Brandy ft. Kanye West “Talk About our Love

In a typical relationship, one experiences ups and downs, but on this track Brandy and West experience what happens when everyone has an opinion on your love — due to your partner’s own negligence.

Brandy opens the song with an argument. Her musical notes are like daggers as she tells her beau “it’s always something, your aunt told your cousin / now the whole world is buzzing.”

This R&B hit asks the simple question: is the headache from drama even worth the relationship? After all, it was her boyfriend that couldn’t hold water.

The moral of this story is trust is everything especially in love.

6. Bernadette Peters “Falling in Love With Love

While some songs like to beat around the bush when it comes to musical metaphors, this song —  most recently popularized by Peters in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) — gives it to you straight.

As the evil stepmother, Peters’ scoffs at the idea that love is anything other than a financial or social transaction. She even goes as far as telling her daughters that “falling in love with love is falling for make believe” and stating that they “are playing the fool”. Although her role was meant to kill all hope, there is a part of me believing that love is indeed “for children in school.”

Next time you feel butterflies in your belly or get a notion that love is all fun and games, listen to a few of these tunes before making any decision. They serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for gold diggers, nosy family members and heartache.

Consider this the ultimate warning for love!

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