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Sneaks is Sneakin’ Up With the Sounds of Minimalism

A very cool way to kick off next year.

Sneaks just released the first single from her upcoming album set to release in a few months. But wait, who is Sneaks…

Eva Moolchan, better known by her stage name, Sneaks, is an upcoming one woman band who was tired of compromising after being in numerous groups and went for the solo approach. In an interview with The Media, Moolchan stated that “Working alone, things are done quicker, so there’s no approval of anyone. You’re just doing it, you’re doing it for yourself.” That approach towards music can be heard in all of her music as she is the only person on her records saying what she wants to say and playing what she wants to play.

Sneaks has already released two projects, one that was self titled and later re-released as “Gymnastics” in 2016, and “It’s a Myth” in 2017. Both records are characterized by having 10 songs that result in not even 20 minutes of listening time. Creating her own space in the D.C. music scene, Sneaks has a sound that steers in the punk direction but with monotone vocals and simple production. The recipe for her songs is consistent, including a drum machine, a bass line, and repetitive phrases that mostly result in songs spanning no longer than a couple of minutes.

Even with the minimal approach to her music, Moolchan’s recognition and moves are beginning to grow. The single, “Hair Slick Back” caught the attention of artist Janelle Monae and she is also set to begin her European tour later this month. In addition, she will also be joining Goat Girl on the band’s European tour in October.

So now that you know a little about Sneaks, back to the new single. “Belief” is the first track from her upcoming album “Highway Hypnosis” dropping at the top of next year. It steps away from the bass line and experiments with different sounds such as a dog barking and ringing bells but maintains the repetitive line, “Remove your beliefs and start again.”

Simplistic, minimalistic, that about sums up the music from the young musician by the name of Sneaks. Be the on the lookout for “Highway Hypnosis” in January 2019.

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