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Today's Frat Suspension

Social Activities Shut Down at all 24 IFC Frats at U. of Kansas

In the wake of bad behavior and investigations, school self-imposes ban.

It’s becoming a common refrain: reports of fraternities violating rules, endangering the health and safety of pledges and members and generally misbehaving.

You can add the University of Kansas (KU) to the long list of schools that have taken action on fraternity life, announcing in a statement that the school’s Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) will work with “university officials to strengthen oversight and address systemic behavioral issues in the wake of multiple IFC fraternities being investigated by their national organizations and the university.”

Specific details of infractions were not released by the IFC or the university, but reports have surfaced that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon was closed permanently, after being at KU for 115 years.

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Only meetings, philanthropic events and service events are allowed under the ban. Members who are already living in fraternity houses will not have to leave the premises.

Indiana University, the University of Idaho, Florida State University, Penn State University, Ohio State University, the University of Michigan and Texas State University have all enacted fraternity shut downs or freezes at some point during this academic year, per KMBC.


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