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Song for the 4th: 3 Doors Down ‘Here Without You’

Let’s put politics aside for a minute and think about the music.

Editor’s Note: As the 4th of July holiday weekend rolls around, students in the CMN Music Journalism Program were asked to come up with one song they think is appropriate for the 4th of July, 2019.

One song that resonates with me on the 4th of July holiday is 3 Doors Down “Here Without You”, from their 2002 album Away from the Sun. It is reminiscent of being away from home and the ones that you love, especially during wartime.

Even though this band came under fire from certain sectors for playing the Trump inauguration, let’s put politics aside for a minute and think about the music.

The song grew in popularity because of the Iraq war. (If that wasn’t political enough), but lead singer Brad Arnold sings, “I’m here without you, baby/But you’re still on my lonely mind/ I think about you, baby/And I dream about you all the time”, which many loved ones empathized as their loved ones were being sent off to war.

Many soldiers cannot make it home for the holidays, so the song is American as it gets.

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