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Spike in Opioid Related Overdoses in Colorado NEEDS SOURCES

Colorado’s problem mirrors that of many parts of the country.

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment have been recording and compiling the number of overdoses in Colorado since 2001. Officials have gravely watched the numbers increase, with not much hope of them slowing down. Although the state has known about the problem for a long time, trying to get a handle on it is the true challenge.

The drug not only affects the person taking it, but also the surrounding communities.

Denver saw an increase in drug related arrests from 2016-2017. More drugs in a community usually equals more crime and poverty. For many addicts, this is the only thing they have known for a long time and many of them are addicted to more than one drug.

Although this jump in overdoses was an unfortunate setback, officials remain hopeful.

There are outpatient facilities in Colorado that are a major reason why many people survive. However, some of these programs are court ordered and some people can’t follow through or don’t show up. Saving these people and their communities is what keeps officials hopeful. There are many obstacles to dealing with the drug issue and although these drugs keep killing, people keep using.

What is happening in Colorado is not unique or one of a kind, there are many cities experiencing the same loss of life.

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