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Starting Your Morning With a Bang: University of Toronto Professor Accidentally Plays Pornography to Lecture Hall

What a way to start your Monday morning lecture…

Well, this is one way to start your Monday morning lecture.

On September 24, a video surfaced that appears to show University of Toronto psychology professor, Steve Joordens playing a pornographic video on the projector screen to a jam-packed lecture hall, entirely by accident. The University of Toronto’s newspaper, The Varsity reported that the class was PSYA01: Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology which had about 500 students in the lecture hall.

Like all things comical in the 21st century, it made its wave to social media, where it then went viral. the video clip was recorded by one of the students in the class via a Snapchat video, which was subsequently posted onto Reddit, where, along with many memes made about the event, but the video has since been taken down.

However, this lead to an uproar from students on Twitter, cracking jokes and showing their feelings towards this situation. Here’s some of the best that I have personally seen so far.

Don Campbell, Media Relations Officer at UTSC, reported to  The Varsity that the university is aware of the incident and are looking into it, but that they can’t discuss personnel matters between employees.

“We encourage students who may be feeling unsettled by the incident to speak with their registrar or staff at the Health & Wellness Centre,“ Campbell stated.

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